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(Single Crop Only)

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Locate the Treatment Area   Or  


Hand to grab and move the map Draw a Shape Draw Power Lines Mark Obsticles
STEP 1 – Select   draw shape tool to mark and map the area.
STEP 2 – Once the area is marked a description box will pop-up on the left hand side tool bar where you can name the paddock/crop and select a shape colour if desired. Hit 'Save' when finished.
STEP 3 – If more shapes are required follow steps 1 & 2 again.
STEP 4 – Mark powerlines (if needed) by selecting  tool. To complete the line just click the last white dot of that line. Enter a description if needed then click 'Save'. Repeat this step if more lines are needed.
STEP 5 – Mark obsticles (if needed) by selecting  tool. Name the obsticle in the description box and click 'Save'. Repeat if more obsticles are required.
STEP 6 - Once the farm has been mapped, click on the 'Go to Request Form' button on the left hand side tool bar and enter your details.
You are able to jump straight to the request form without doing a Map. 
You can also delete shapes, lines or obsticles with the ‘Delete Selected Shape’Button on the left side bar. Click on the required shape and then click the ‘Delete Selected Shape’ Button.
You will know when the shape is coloured in that you have mapped/drawn the shape correctly.
Client Name: * Trading Name: Phone:
Postal Address: Suburb: Post Code:
Contact Name: * Contact Phone: * Contact E-Mail: *
Items marked * are required.
Date of Order: Date of Preferred Application:
Total Hectares (from Map) Or
If a product is not listed, please write your product details in the comments section.
1. Complete this request form providing all information requested.
2. The following checklist must be completed before any aerial application can be carried out using agricultural chemicals. To ensure the accuracy of this application, all neighbors or persons who may be affected should be consulted before answering the following questions.
Please provide the following details:
Map provided? Power lines noted?
Susceptible Crops?
Organic farms, bees, dairies, aquaculture, dams or other?
Notification required for Aircraft to fly within 150m dwelling, 200m of a School, Hospital, Aged Care or Child Service?
Hazard Details
Preferred Wind Direction  
Thank you for assisting the Aerial Agricultural Industry maintain the highest possible standards.
Please read the Terms and Conditions and click the box to confirm you have read and understand them.

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